Is there a perfect Age for having a Hair Transplant Procedure?

As an aesthetic surgical procedure, hair transplants have changed the lives of many individuals who have suffered with hair loss. The use of follicular unit grafting in hair transplant procedures has greatly accelerated its popularity and witnessed thousands of success stories in the process. Furthermore, the procedure offers more natural looking results and much higher…

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5 Benefits of the NeoGraft Hair Restoration Technique

Today, there are nearly 80 million people who struggle with hair loss. Over the decades, we have seen many hair loss trends come and go with varying degrees of success. But NeoGraft, the most current and successful Philadelphia hair transplant solution, now offers hair loss sufferers a solution that is remarkably natural and affordable.

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Genetics and Hair Loss: What We Know

Today, most hair loss is caused, in part, by a hereditary predisposition. Add this genetic component to hormone levels and the aging process and you have a concerning hair loss problem for many individuals. Although almost all men and women will experience a certain amount of hair loss as they age, up to 40 percent…

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