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Got Plugs?

Up until the 1990’s, the only known method to restore lost hair involved transplanting large punches (plugs) of hair from the rear of the head to the front – otherwise known as hair plugs. Some plugs contained 30 or more hairs.

The grafts were difficult to orient properly and produced noticeably unnatural results. Today there are thousands of men and women who would like nothing more than to reverse this outdated “pluggy” look. Dr. Pistone is renowned for his ability to effectively reverse the effects of bad hair transplants. Combining Follicular Unit Transplantation and creative recycling of hair, Dr. Pistone helps patients dramatically improve the look of their previously transplanted hair.

Utilizing the spaces in and around the previously transplanted hair, tiny follicular unit grafts camouflage the older work and soften the existing hairline. Older, larger plugs are partially or entirely removed by Dr. Pistone, depending on patient need. They are then divided and recycled creating much smaller follicular unit grafts. These grafts are then re-implanted into the scalp with special care to ensure a natural effect.

This process of combining recycled hair with newly harvested hair, allows Dr. Pistone to reverse the unnatural results produced by a bad hair transplant. The result: a new, natural, soft-feathered hairline.

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