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Body Hair Transplants

Body Hair Transplant

Hairs from the head area are often used for transplantation purposes. However patients sometimes do not have enough hair on the heads to get the desired result. Transplanting of body hairs, which are similar to head hairs can be a solution. Hairs may be taken from the arms, legs, chest, stomach, back and armpits. Even facial hair under certain circumstances can be used.

For some patients, body hair can become the source of several thousand grafts. This large area can be used to achieve great hair density, reasonably filling larger bald areas. These results would not be possible for patients with little to no donor hairs on their heads.

Body hairs are removed using the FUE technique, leaving no linear scar. Body hair grafts are then implanted in the same way as grafts of head hair.

Which patients are qualified for body hair transplants?

Generally donor hairs are taken from the back or side of the head. Patients with not enough hair in the donor area are not suitable for a normal transplant. Not having enough hair can fall under reasons like not having enough hair and/or previous hair transplants making it impossible to further extract donor hairs from the head.

The results of a hair transplant with unsuitable donor hair are not pleasing, as these can only compensate hair loss to a minor extent. Any resulting scars are usually still visible.

Since the results of Body Hair Transplantation are not as reliable as FUT or FUE I have chosen not to perform them in my office. However there are many surgeons in the USA who still do if that is your last resort.

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