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neograft hair restoration njNeograft Hair Transplant in Burlington County, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA

After a Neograft hair transplant in Burlington County, life can be exciting again. Your restored confidence and vitality will open up new opportunities in your personal and professional life. Imagine striding into your office knowing that your appearance finally projects your complete potential as a professional. Or envision yourself easily navigating a party without feeling self-conscious about thinning hair. At Pistone Hair Restoration, a FUE hair transplant in Burlington County can take these scenarios out of your imagination and into your reality.

neograft hair transplant bucks countyNeograft hair transplant is an advanced hair restoration procedure that represents the forefront of hair transplant technology. Since the introduction of hair transplant procedures in the mid-20th century, certain techniques have given hair loss surgery a poor reputation. Procedures like hair plugs or scalp reduction have been routinely ineffective or unsafe, resulting in damage to the scalp and an unappealing appearance. Thankfully, the field of hair restoration therapy now includes safe, effective techniques that give beautiful results when performed by a skilled surgeon.

At Pistone Hair Restoration, located near Burlington County, our Neograft hair transplant procedures provide the hair restoration results that you want. Neograft hair transplant uses a technique called follicular unit extraction. This method is the most effective way to achieve a natural hairline and growth pattern without having a linear scar on your head.

neograft south jerseyThis minimally invasive technique extracts follicular units from donor hair on your head or body and transplants them the area that needs hair restoration. Follicular units are bundles of hair and connective tissue. When transplanted individually and arranged by a skilled doctor, the follicular units will grow in a pattern that looks and feels completely natural. The results are virtually undetectable by sight alone.

neograft hair replacement montgomery county paNeograft allows a surgeon to transplant hundreds of grafts in a single session, which means faster results and minimal recovery time. At Pistone Hair Restoration near Burlington County, Dr. Pistone’s combination of safe, effective technique and artistic skill recreates your natural hairline and growth pattern. You’ll experience a seamless transition back into your youthful appearance and an enormous boost in confidence.

If you live near Burlington County, don’t wait for hair transplantation. The sooner you act, the better your results with Pistone Hair Restoration will be. Call Dr. Pistone today for a consultation.

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