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Letter From Dr. Pistone

Hello and welcome.

My name is Dr. Gregory Pistone. Since 1984, I’ve dedicated my life to the practice of hair restoration. I’ve perfected the revolutionary state-of-the-art procedure of Follicular Unit Transplantation. It’s the scientific and permanent solution to hair loss. My practice is devoted to hair restoration. My objective is to make your feel your best by making your look your best. I am constantly challenging myself by refining my technical skills and artistry, all with one objective in mind: restoring your natural, permanent hairline.

Before I begin any procedure, I take the time to spend with my patients one-on-one to determine exactly what they hope to achieve, their goals, their expectations. I perform a comprehensive examination, diagnosis, and prognosis of future hair loss. I provide accurate, insightful information. There are no salesmen in my office, no high-pressure sales pitch.

I have consistently earned a 99% plus patient satisfaction rate. This is not an industry statistic, but rather a true representation of the heartfelt gratitude expressed by thousands and thousands of my patients. Because my patients know that they receive the highest level of care and expertise, they often refer their family and friends. I truly love what I do. So when patients tell me I’ve changed their lives, I tell them, “No. You’ve changed mine.” Come see me. I look forward to meeting you. Together, let’s turn back the clock by returning your natural hairline.


Letter From Dr. Pistone

Dr. Gregory Pistone

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FUT $2.99 per graft, FUE $5.00 per graft, FREE PRP treatment with your procedure.

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