How to Choose a Hair Restoration Doctor

As with any major procedure, it’s unwise to schedule your hair restoration appointment with the first doctor you talk to. In order to get the best results, shop around and consult with at least three doctors first. Pick your candidates for their reputation and accolades, preferably from a mixture of press, patient testimonials and colleagues. Then, use the following criteria to determine which one is the best hair transplant doctor in NJ.

Available Methods

A good hair restoration practitioner always seeks to improve their practice and therefore has the best and latest methods at their disposal. Your doctor should, at the very least, be skilled in follicular unit transplantation. Even better, they should also include follicular unit extraction as an option, and should offer newer treatments that have evidence of effectiveness, like platelet-rich plasma therapy. Any doctor who suggests outdated, risky procedures like hair plugs or scalp reduction is someone you should run away from immediately! These are painful and outdated methods that never result in an attractive appearance.


Some doctors perform hair restoration assembly-line style, with teams working on patients and only marginally overseen by a surgeon. Yours should not. A doctor who is truly concerned with the quality of his or her science and craft will attend to each patient individually. This might mean that your procedure takes a little more time, but it’s worth it.

Speaking of time, you doctor should also give you a realistic idea of your recovery timeline. You should expect a two-day healing period (during which your doctor will provide pain or sleep medication as needed). You’ll be able to see your new hairline immediately.


Your doctor should take pride in aesthetics just as much as they pay attention to your well-being during the procedure. A truly talented hair restoration doctor will be skilled at crafting a natural-looking hairline that is soft and flattering, not harsh or realistic. Ask to see their portfolio of before and after pictures to see how skilled they are.