hair transplant chester countyNeograft Hair Transplant in Chester County, PA

If you’ve been hesitant about hair transplant surgery in Chester County, you may have been deterred by the less than appealing results of older hair restoration methods like hair plugs. Hair plugs are a crude means of transplanting hair that used to be one of few available hair restoration methods. Ignoring the natural way that hair grows from the scalp, these methods take large punches of hair from the donor site, resulting in scarring and an unnatural hairline that leaves some patients wondering if they would have been better off without surgery.

Thankfully, Bucks County hair restoration has made significant strides in the past decades. Techniques like follicular unit extraction allow skilled surgeons to transplant the individual units in which hair naturally occurs, with minimal disruption to the rest of the scalp. Neograft is one such follicular unit extraction method that easily lets you achieve a natural look quickly and with minimal discomfort. At Pistone Hair Restoration near Chester County, Dr. Gregory Pistone uses the Neograft method for hair transplants in order to re-create your natural hairline and restore your confidence in your appearance.

Hair Transplants

Neograft is an advanced hair transplant procedure that extracts individual follicular units from a carefully chosen donor site. The units are then grafted onto the area of your scalp that needs hair restoration. The small size of the grafts allows Dr. Pistone to place them in a natural arrangement that flatters your face shape and makes evidence of hair transplant surgery undetectable to others. Neograft is also convenient for individuals with busy lifestyles who want quick procedures with minimal downtime. Unlike older hair transplant methods that took multiple sessions and hours of work, a Neograft session in Chester County can be completed in less than five hours. Patients can typically go back to work the next day. Within the first year, the transplant is 90% recovered and patients can accelerate their hair growth with a laser cap, also available from Pistone Hair Restoration.

Patients in need of Neograft in Philadelphia and Neograft in Montgomery County, PA can trust that Pistone Hair Restoration will offer the most advanced hair transplant procedures in the Chester County area.