Does Hair Replacement Procedure Lead To Younger Looks?

As per a new study, hair loss can give you a more aged look. That is why balding men wanting to look young and better are undergoing hair transplant treatment. As per the research, people found that men with a more locks or a head full of hair were more attractive, when volunteers had to judge ‘before-and-after’ images of people that had undergone hair transplant procedure. Most of them considered that the men looked more successful and approachable, after the hair transplant procedure was completed.

Varied Hair Transplant Procedures

Hair transplant surgeons are of the opinion that they wouldn’t want to be doing any procedure if it didn’t make a difference in the way the individual starts to look. Generally due to the multitude of ways the procedures are done, different surgeons use varied hair transplant procedures but usually, individual hair is harvested from the back of your scalp to fill out front of the head that has bald patches. Though the doctors have been doing these procedures for years, no studies were conducted to measure the appearances. Lack of data on the improvement of the person’s image was not readily available and that was a big drawback. Most of the people ask for specific estimates and there was no data available.

Specific Results of the Study

As per the study, to get an objective opinion about the appearances, 122 volunteers were picked and that included both men and women. They were asked to view 13 pairs of photographs. Out of the images showed 7 pairs of men with ‘before-and-after’ photos of hair transplant. While the other photographs showed men that didn’t have any procedures done, but had natural hair. The volunteers were asked to rate images based on approachability, attractiveness, success and age. As per the feedback, the men with hair transplant looked much younger (at least 4 years) in the ‘after photos’ of the procedure that was completed. They looked more attractive, approachable and successful after the procedure. The doctors were of the opinion that when you are armed with the correct data, answering the questions of the patient is easier. The medical professionals were able hold a more objective and scientific conversation with the potential hair transplant candidates, as to what the expectations shall be.

Personal Opinions On Attractiveness

The study done by JAMA Facial and Plastic Surgery and the Foundation for Hair Restoration, one of the surgeons was of the opinion that trustworthiness and professional accomplishment is directly connected with your personality and that depends a lot on the amount of hair on the head. He further wrote that the crowd theory has been limiting in knowing about the level of attractiveness on an individual basis. It is individual perspective that really matters, and how that specific individual views their own attractiveness, which can be translated as individual satisfaction. Though the study was done using a small group of individuals, there are plans are there to do the study again using a bigger group.