Exposing the Myths of Baldness and Hair Loss

With approximately 56 million men and women (35 million men, 21 million women) suffering with baldness and hair loss today, the hair loss industry is worth a phenomenal $3.5 billion. Unfortunately, the majority of the hair loss solutions that are available on the market today are totally worthless. According to American Hair Loss Association founder Spencer Kobren, most of these products and services simply don’t work. So it’s oftentimes difficult to separate that which is fact from that which isn’t.

Fortunately, hard science and a lot of research on the subject have exposed a number of the myths regarding hair loss and baldness including:

Baldness and hair loss are attributed to your mother’s side of the familyFALSE. Granted, the future of your hair is oftentimes determined by genetics. However, genes from your father’s and mother’s side of the family can play a significant role in keeping or losing your hair in the future.

Hair loss is caused by stressMOSTLY FALSE. Although stress can be blamed for a number of physical problems, losing your hair isn’t normally one of them. It’s true that hair loss is attributed to extreme stress from experiencing something drastic such as the death of a loved one or a serious motor vehicle accident. Some women can experience noticeable hair loss after they have given birth.

Hair restoration procedures create an unnatural appearanceFALSE. While many hair restoration procedures have had a questionable past, this is no longer the case. As with other types of surgery, hair restoration is performed by a team of specialists. Many patients today have seen their lives turned around with the results of these procedures.

If you pull out a gray hair, three more will grow in its placeFALSE. Repeatedly pulling hair out from the same spot can lead to Traction Alopecia, a condition that can result from the trauma that plucking hair causes. The hair follicle becomes so damaged or scarred that it no longer grows hair.

Mistreating one’s hair can cause baldness or hair lossTRUE. While permanent hair loss may be an unlikely result, overworking the hair can damage it by weakening it and making it easier to break. Aggressive brushing, back-combing, dying, and straightening are some of the different processes that can lead to certain hair problems. The inside and outside of hair fibers can also be weakened by air pollution, certain chemicals found in shampoos, and over-exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

Wearing baseball caps causes hair lossFALSE. You can wear a baseball cap 24/7/365 and you won’t usually experience hair loss from doing this. Your cap would have to be worn so tight that damage to your scalp couldn’t be avoided. In other words, it would have to pull out a lot of hair before it became a factor.

With plenty of options for hair transplant and restoration, you don’t have to stay bald or have bald patches anymore. Neograft procedure is a tried and rested method that has shown successful results for hair restoration.