Everything You Want to Know About Follicular Unit Extraction

At Pistone Hair Restoration, we offer the latest and most advanced techniques for hair restoration. One such procedure is called follicular unit extraction. Though relatively new, this technique is proving to be extremely popular among our patients. If you suffer from baldness, follicular unit extraction might be the right permanent solution for you no matter whether you are male or female. Today, we will answer some common questions about follicular unit extraction.

What is a Follicular Unit?

The hairs on your head don’t grow isolated from each other. They grow in bundles called follicular units. Each unit has one to four thick, “terminal” hair follicles, one to two vellus hairs, which are finer than the thicker terminal hairs, oil glands, a muscle, nerves, blood vessels and a band of collagen called the perifolliculum that encloses the follicular unit. In order for lost hair to grow back, the entire unit must be preserved and transplanted to the area that has suffered hair loss.

What Happens During Follicular Unit Extraction?

When you decide to undergo follicular unit extraction, Dr. Pistone will first consult with you to assess the placement and growth pattern of hair that will work best for you, so that you can get natural results. During the procedure, Dr. Pistone and his team will make sure that you are comfortable and apply topical anesthesia. The follicular units will then be extracted and placed wherever you have experienced balding. Afterwards, you will be given instructions for how to take care of your new hairline.

How Advanced is This Technique?

Follicular unit extraction is currently the most advanced hair transplantation technique available. It is a minimally invasive procedure that leaves no wide scars and requires no incisions or stitches. It is especially advantageous because when the donor area is too tight to permit the excision of a donor strip, follicular unit extraction is still a viable alternative.

When Will I See Results?

You will see results immediately after treatment. Unlike topical treatments, follicular unit extraction lasts permanently, so you can enjoy a youthful appearance from treatment onwards. Healing occurs within just a few days.

Will All Doctors Give Me the Same Results?

Just because follicular unit extraction is an advanced technique doesn’t mean that every doctor who offers it will give you advanced results. For best results, follicular unit extraction must be performed with a combination of the right equipment and the right amount of expertise. At Pistone Hair Restoration, we have chosen the S.A.F.E. System of follicular unit extraction out of all the other methods available because S.A.F.E. has the highest success rate. Furthermore, Dr. Pistone’s specialty is to create realistic hairlines that flatter your face shape and look natural. This kind of attention to detail and artistry is rare.

Is it the Only Method?

If follicular unit extraction doesn’t work for you or appeal to you, it’s not the only permanent solution to hair loss available. At Pistone Hair Restoration, we also offer follicular unit transplantation, another permanent solution. We also offer treatments like platelet rich plasma therapy, facial hair transplantation and body hair transplantation. Call us today to set up a consultation and we will determine the right hair replacement and cosmetic procedures for you.