Every individual loses some hair every day. That’s just a fact of life. However, some individuals worry more about losing their hair than others. If that weren’t enough, those worry warts worry that their worrying is going to cause them to lose even more hair. But there is good news in that some of the more commonly believed baldness causes aren’t really causes at all. Read on as we dispel the 5 most common hair loss myths.

Baldness is inherited from your mother’s side – FALSE! While baldness is genetic in nature (androgenetic alopecia), there is no proof that you inherit this trait from your mother’s side of the family’. If there is a history of baldness in your family, you can inherit the particular gene that leads to female hair loss or male pattern baldness.

Blow drying, styling, and washing your hair too often causes baldness – FALSE! While blow drying and excessive shampooing can make hair dry and brittle, normal use will not cause you to lose any more hair than what you normally do. Plus, if you use hair coloring and other styling products, you shouldn’t notice any additional hair loss.

Hair brushing promotes follicle stimulation and is better than combing – FALSE! According to popular belief, combing is better than brushing because it doesn’t break the hair or cause split ends. However, whether you prefer brushing or combing, neither one induces hair growth or reduces hair loss.

Regular hair cutting or shaving your scalp will thicken your hair as it grows back – NOT EVEN CLOSE! The base of the hair follicle is thicker than the tip so cutting the hair or shaving the scalp is not going to make it grow back any thicker than what it’s been. Granted, it may appear to be thicker initially, but as it continues growing, it will be the same thickness as before you cut it or shaved it off.

Wearing caps and hats will cause you to go bald – WRONG AGAIN! Although this is a popular belief but wearing caps and hats will not cause you to lose your hair. That is even if you wear one every day. You’d have to wear them so tight that it your circulation was cut off to the follicles.

You have to wonder where these myths came from or who started them because some of them are almost comical in nature. The best way to find out about and correct hair loss is by consulting with a hair restoration specialist. With a quick search online or through referrals, consult a hair care specialist at the earliest.