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Travel & Procedure FAQs

Traveling to See Dr. Pistone

The Pistone Hair Transplant Travel Team will assist you planning a trip to see Dr. Pistone. We can suggest airline arrangements, hotel rooms, and things to do while you are in the South New Jersey and Philadelphia area. They are dedicated to making your journey, your treatment, and your trip home seamless and without stress.

Planning for Your Procedure with Dr. Pistone

We typically have two types of patients we see at our complimentary consultation. The first type of patient is someone who has educated themselves on the various types of surgical techniques available for hair restoration surgery. The other type of patient is the one that has no idea what the procedure entails and wants more of an explanation on their options.

Although our website provides extended information on these treatments we want our patients to do their homework and understand the differences in procedures both in Hair Restoration & Dermatology.

During your face-to-face consultation with Dr. Pistone and his staff, we will determine what areas will be treated. We typically perform a medical clearance during this consultation and if indicated blood work may be performed. We believe in being diligent with our patients in promoting the appropriate medical care.

Once you decide to have the procedure at our office, it is not necessary to bring someone with you for the surgery, and you can simply drive home after the procedure. Depending on the type of surgery you may not even need to make frequent trips back to our office till a few months or so to monitor progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

The beauty of the treatment is that minimal after care is required. You will gently shampoo your hair after 2 days and everyday thereafter until you return in one week.  We suggest you sleep in an upright position for 2 days and refrain from physical activiy for one week.

The only discomfort most of my patients report is mild to moderate because the treatment area is numbed with local anesthesia which lasts for several hours. Your donor area can feel sore the next day and Tylenol or a prescription we provide will be recommended.  You will feel no discomfort at all during the procedure and we will not proceed until your scalp is completely numb.

Hair follicles are arranged in small groups of 1-4 follicular units or follicular family units. These occur randomly on your natural scalp. It is because of this that special dissection is performed to preserve the naturally growing follicular groups.  They are separated carefully and placed into the recipient sites accordingly. (1 hair follicular units along the hairline and 3 or 4 hair follicular units placed more centrally).

In many individuals the hair follicles in the frontal area, midscalp, and crown are genetically programmed to stop growing when upon exposure to DHT. These genes can be transferred from the mother, father, or both. For some reason we still don’t understand, the hair in the donor site is not usually affected.

Our procedures normally take 4-5 hours depending on how many grafts are being placed and the type of procedure.

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