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You are unique. Although thousands of people in Bucks County and millions across the country suffer from hair loss, no two conditions are exactly alike. Not only is your body different from anyone else’s, but your desired hair transplant results are unique, as well. When you want a hair transplant procedure in Chester County or Neograft in Montgomery County, PA, you need a doctor who understands how to give personalized hair loss care. Philadelphia-area residents turn to Pistone Hair Restoration for expert hair restoration that treats each patient on an individual basis.

Hair Transplant

Dr. Gregory Pistone’s approach to hair restoration for his Bucks County patients is caring, ethical and individualized. Patients seeking treatment for lost or thinning hair will first have a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Pistone in his office, conveniently located near Bucks County. He will examine the affected areas, determine how much available donor hair the patient has and take into consideration any other genetic or medical factors. Then, Dr. Pistone will offer the best treatment options for the patient’s unique circumstances.

Pistone Hair Restoration never takes a one-size-fits-all approach to hair transplant and hair restoration procedures. The clinic offers several different treatment options like Neograft follicular unit transplantation and S.A.F.E. system follicular unit extraction in order to suit each patient’s unique needs. The variety of procedures available at Pistone Hair Restoration means that patients will receive a customized treatment that is safe, convenient and effective.

Neograft Hair Transplant

During the surgery itself, Dr. Pistone treats only one patient at a time. His adamant rejection of an “assembly line” approach during a Neograft or S.A.F.E. procedure allows him to fully concentrate on each patient’s individualized treatment plan. As both a practitioner and teacher of advanced hair transplant techniques like Neograft, Dr. Pistone has perfected the art and science of hair loss treatment. He and his team use advanced technology like stereo-microscopes to preserve each follicular unit and minimize the invasiveness of each procedure.

In addition to being technically skilled, Dr. Pistone also pays close attention to the aesthetic impact of each Neograft or S.A.F.E. procedure. The technical precision of his method allows him to create natural hair lines and growth patterns with newly transplanted follicular units.

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