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hair transplant montgomery county paHair Transplant In Montgomery County, PA

Have you been the recipient of a bad hair transplant? We hope not, but if you have, Pistone Hair Restoration near Montgomery County, PA, can help you get the natural, attractive results that you hoped for in the first place. Older, less advanced hair transplant methods like hair plugs, scalp reduction and flap surgery have left many patients with unnatural or patchy hair restoration results. You deserve better: in fact, you deserve the best hair transplant in the Montgomery County, PA area. Using advanced techniques like Neograft, Dr. Pistone can repair a bad hair transplant with the ethical care and artistic touch that have earned Pistone Hair Restoration its reputation for offering the best hair transplant in Philadelphia and the best hair transplant in Chester County.

Bad hair transplant results are usually due to a lack of attention to how the hair grows naturally. In the case of hair plugs, large punches of hair are taken from a donor site and transplanted in unnaturally uniform rows. This results in an ugly linear scar as well as a “doll’s hair” effect around the hairline. Some other hair transplant methods are similarly ignorant of the best hair transplant practices. However, Dr. Pistone only accepts the most advanced procedures at his office near Montgomery County, PA. At Pistone Hair Restoration, Dr. Pistone uses manual follicular unit extraction techniques like Neograft to re-create natural-looking hairlines without causing damage to other parts of the scalp.


During a Bucks County hair transplant repair at Pistone Hair Restoration, Dr. Pistone uses a Neograft machine to manually remove individual follicular units, which are the tiny bundles of hair and tissue in which hair growth naturally occurs. The precision of this system allows Dr. Pistone to make minimal incisions at the donor and transplant sites, resulting in virtually no scarring, minimal discomfort and a faster recovery time.

It is important to note that while Neograft procedures or other follicular unit procedures are the best hair transplant methods available, they are only as good as the surgeon performing them. Dr. Pistone is a highly qualified surgeon with decades of experience and an excellent reputation with many professional organizations. Although many doctors in the Montgomery County, PA area may claim to offer the best hair transplant available, Pistone Hair Restoration advises that patients do their research and choose a doctor who is not only medically trained but also attentive to the aesthetics of a hair transplant procedure.

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