The Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy

One of the newest and most exciting innovations in the hair restoration industry is a procedure known as Laser Hair Therapy. As one of the most recently developed, non-surgical hair restoration approaches, this procedure uses soft laser light (a.k.a. low laser energy) to treat men’s and women’s hair loss issues. It is highly effective at treating baldness, hair loss, thinning hair, and other scalp related problems. Research studies have revealed that the procedure offers stunning results.

How does LLLT actually work?

LLLT or low laser light therapy increases circulation and stimulates the growth of hair by delivering light energy directly to the patient’s scalp. Not only has the procedure shown a higher percentage of hair restoration results, the lasers used in this therapy have been proven to be highly effective and totally safe. Furthermore, the procedure does not use heat (thermal energy) to treat the affected areas of the scalp. Best of all, you can relax and sit comfortably while undergoing the procedure.

Primary Benefits

As with other hair restoration procedures, laser hair therapy offers a number of benefits for the patient including:

  • After a single treatment, the blood supply to your scalp could potentially increase over 50%
  • Laser hair therapy promotes fuller, thicker-looking hair that is shinier and softer
  • The procedure helps to increase the elasticity and strength of the hair
  • It also helps the hair damage caused by salon chemicals
  • Research has shown that the progression of hair loss was stopped in 85% of the patient cases studied

In order to maximize results, you will need to undergo several procedures. However, every patient is different and no two patients respond to treatment in the same manner. If you are considering laser hair therapy, you should discuss the matter with your hair restoration specialist before undergoing the procedure. It’s important to understand that not every individual is a good candidate for this type of therapy.

Will You benefit from this Therapy?

Since no two patients or their scalps are ever alike, it is difficult to predict the type of results that you will experience when undergoing laser hair therapy. In most cases, the patient starts seeing fuller, thicker hair that looks much healthier after 3 to 4 weeks of treatment. Your hair restoration specialist will perform a complete evaluation of your scalp and hair before starting the procedure.

You should also be made aware of the benefits of laser hair therapy (see above) and discuss how you can benefit from a customized laser hair procedure that is tailored to your specific needs. Remember, individual results are going to vary. You should also discuss the procedure with a hair restoration specialist as the number of options that are available can be overwhelming at first. They will be able to evaluate your requirements and advice accordingly.