Is there a perfect Age for having a Hair Transplant Procedure?

As an aesthetic surgical procedure, hair transplants have changed the lives of many individuals who have suffered with hair loss. The use of follicular unit grafting in hair transplant procedures has greatly accelerated its popularity and witnessed thousands of success stories in the process. Furthermore, the procedure offers more natural looking results and much higher…

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5 Benefits of the NeoGraft Hair Restoration Technique

Today, there are nearly 80 million people who struggle with hair loss. Over the decades, we have seen many hair loss trends come and go with varying degrees of success. But NeoGraft, the most current and successful Philadelphia hair transplant solution, now offers hair loss sufferers a solution that is remarkably natural and affordable.

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Genetics and Hair Loss: What We Know

Today, most hair loss is caused, in part, by a hereditary predisposition. Add this genetic component to hormone levels and the aging process and you have a concerning hair loss problem for many individuals. Although almost all men and women will experience a certain amount of hair loss as they age, up to 40 percent…

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What Does NeoGraft® Hair Restoration Offer For Hair Loss?

In recent years, we have seen wonderful new procedures available to men and women who suffer from hair loss. Why is this important? Consider these latest statistics: 40% of men have some form of noticeable hair loss by the age of 35. By the age of 80, that figure jumps to 80%. Approximately 50% of…

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Not Your Father’s Hair Transplant

If you’ve suffered from hair loss for any length of time, you know what it can do to your confidence. And you are in good company. Today there are approximately 50 million men and 30 million women who are suffering the effects of baldness and thinning hair. You may equate old hair transplant techniques like…

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A Foundation for Healthy Hair is Good Overall Health

When it comes to hair loss, genetics, age, and hormones are key factors. But there are some factors that have been proven to have an impact on hair loss that you are completely in control of. At Pistone Hair Restoration, we believe it is important for our patients to understand the dynamics of healthy hair…

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Do Sports Helmets contribute to Hair Loss?

Protective helmets are a key component in a number of outdoor recreational activities and sports.  These devices were designed and developed to protect the brain and skull from injury. Anyone who engages in such activities should view their helmet as a great asset.  However, they can damage the hair over time. While there have been…

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The Adverse Psychological Effects of losing Your Hair

Clinical research has revealed a number of different causes of hair loss including chemotherapy treatments, genetics, prescription medications for other health issues, and an underactive thyroid gland just to name a few. For many individuals, alopecia or hair loss and thinning hair can result in lowered self-esteem and cause other emotional or mental issues such…

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