Are You Ready for miraDry?

Millions of people across the globe experience embarrassment and frustration from underarm sweat. Most solutions for underarm sweat are either temporary, like topical antiperspirants, or invasive, like surgical procedures.

However, a non-invasive, completely permanent treatment for underarm sweat exists. If you’re ready for a revolutionary solution to underarm sweat, read on to learn about miraDry, a new procedure offered by Pistone Hair Restoration. MiraDry might be right for you if you meet the following criteria:

You’re Ready to Be More Confident—and Do Less Laundry

The effects of underarm sweat often interfere with daily activities. You may frequently feel embarrassed by the large sweat stains that develop over the course of the day and worry that others will notice them. You may also find that you have to change sweat-stained clothes multiple times per day and avoid certain colors and fabrics that easily show sweat, even if they otherwise suit you. The result is a pileup of laundry for clothes that you don’t even like to wear.

The social discomfort caused by excessive sweating, combined with the frequent application of antiperspirant and the frustration with clothes ruined by sweat, results in a lack of confidence and a lower quality of life. With miraDry, you can regain confidence in your appearance and dramatically improve your daily life.

You Want a Permanent Solution to Underarm Sweat

To curb underarm sweat, patients in the past have had to rely on temporary treatments like Botox injections. Those wishing for a permanent solution often underwent surgery, which has inherent risks and drawbacks.

These procedures may soon be phased out by miraDry, which is an FDA-cleared, outpatient procedure that permanently stops excessive underarm sweating.

Only 2% of the body’s four million sweat glands are in the underarms, which means that the body does not need underarm sweat glands to maintain a stable temperature. miraDry permanently removes sweat glands in the underarms, thereby eliminating the cause of underarm sweat. On average, you can expect an 82% reduction in underarm sweating after the miraDry procedure. And once it’s done, you are sweat-free forever—no yearly touch-ups or follow-up appointments.

You Have a Busy Lifestyle

You don’t have to spend hours in treatment to enjoy a life free from underarm sweat. In fact, you can change your life in the time it takes to grab lunch.

Typically, the entire miraDry procedure takes only an hour. Most patients report minimal discomfort and side effects, which may include underarm swelling and altered sensation. These effects last for no more than a few weeks, after which you can look forward to a lifetime free of underarm sweat in addition to increased confidence and social grace.

During a miraDry procedure at Pistone Hair Restoration, Dr. Gregory Pistone provides his signature personalized care and attention to aesthetic detail. After consultation, Dr. Pistone first numbs the patient’s underarms for comfort. Then, Dr. Pistone uses the handheld miraDry device to deliver precisely controlled bursts of electromagnetic energy. The heat generated during this procedure permanently removes sweat glands, which are located just underneath the skin’s surface.

You Want to Know What All the Buzz is About

miraDry has gained significant attention from industry networks and was awarded the 2014 Pinnell Award for Product Innovation by the Aesthetics Awards 2014. As of 2014, miraDry was ranked #1 among the top ten aesthetic companies by Aesthetic Everything. miraDry also receives accolades from patients: thousands of patients have already chosen miraDry and have given their experiences an 89% “Worth It” rating on RealSelf, a review site for cosmetic procedures.

With such glowing reviews and recommendations, miraDry has quickly become one of the most talked-about procedures among both patients and doctors. If you are over the age of 18 and meet the above criteria, you may be eligible for miraDry.

Give us a call today to consult with Dr. Pistone and learn whether miraDry is right for you. For more information on the miraDry procedure and to watch testimonials about how miraDry has changed patients’ lives, visit the miraDry website.