5 Benefits of the NeoGraft Hair Restoration Technique

Today, there are nearly 80 million people who struggle with hair loss. Over the decades, we have seen many hair loss trends come and go with varying degrees of success. But NeoGraft, the most current and successful Philadelphia hair transplant solution, now offers hair loss sufferers a solution that is remarkably natural and affordable.

Those who suffer from hair loss understand how it can dramatically impact their self-esteem. Consequently, many have searched for the most effective treatments possible for solutions. Up until recently, the most utilized treatment required that a surgeon use a strip of scalp to harvest hair follicles for transplant. This led to scarring across the scalp and required a lengthy recovery time.

But now, men and women alike have a new alternative that offers natural solutions, requires far less downtime than the strip method, and leaves virtually no scarring. Here are 5 reasons that hair loss sufferers today are choosing the NeoGraft hair restoration in Philadelphia as a viable solution.

A Non-Invasive Surgical Option

The NeoGraft hair restoration procedure has taken FUE, otherwise known as Follicular Unit Extraction and automated it with state-of-the-art technology that extracts follicles easily and consistently.

Hair follicles are harvested individually using a specialized pneumatic device. This non-invasive procedure leaves little to no scarring and no need for sutures or stitches. Consequently, there is no recovery time needed and patients are usually able to resume normal activities within one day of having NeoGraft hair restoration surgery.

No General Anesthesia Required

General anesthesia carries its own risks. Because the NeoGraft procedure is virtually non-invasive, it requires no general anesthetic. This means that it can be performed as an outpatient procedure with no need for postoperative downtime. A NeoGraft patient experiences little discomfort and is able to resume normal activities within 24 hours of the procedure in most cases.

Natural Looking Results

The NeoGraft procedure involves transplantation of each individual hair follicle. Consequently, a patient’s own hair is placed in natural patterns on thinning areas. The result is a natural-looking, fuller head of hair. Most NeoGraft patients experience a Philadelphia hair transplant that looks so natural that others will not even know that a one has been done.

Flexibility in Styling

A NeoGraft patient will have no trouble with styling their hair after the healing has taken place. This is because the technique leaves no linear scarring that is experienced in the more traditional strip method. Consequently, the patient will need not worry about styling in order to cover these telltale scars. The transplanted hair can be worn in any style, long or short, and will grow naturally along with the other hair on the patient’s scalp.

Affordable Alternative

Although the NeoGraft hair restoration procedure is the most technologically advanced system available to hair loss sufferers today, it is still surprisingly affordable. Today, the NeoGraft hair transplant in Philadelphia may be the wisest solution for hair loss sufferers and well worth the cost.

If you are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair, call Pistone Hair Restoration to discuss how this cutting-edge Philadelphia hair restoration technique may a good choice for you.