The Pros and Cons of Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Individuals suffering with baldness and thinning hair are oftentimes very self-conscious about their appearance and may have self-esteem issues as a result. Fortunately, a new trend is becoming popular in the hair restoration and transplant industry because of how it can hide bald or thinning areas of a person’s scalp. It’s known as Scalp Micro Pigmentation or SMP, a revolutionary, drug-free, non-scarring, non-surgical procedure that was developed for men and women with balding and thinning hair issues. But it also works for those men who prefer to keep their scalps closely shaved.

A Word about the SMP Process

The SMP process involves the careful and permanent yet strategic application of a medical-grade pigment to a person’s scalp. It is often referred to as scalp tattooing since it involves the use of extra fine needles and a special ink. The end result of the procedure is that it can have one of two outcomes. It can create the appearance of a scalp that looks as though it’s been closely shaved or it can fill in the scalp’s balding areas, thereby giving the person the appearance of having a fuller head of hair. Also, the results will vary based on the tattoo artist’s experience and skill level.

The Benefits of SMP

For those who are reluctant to undergo a hair restoration or transplant procedure, scalp micro pigmentation is an ideal alternative. The average procedure takes between two and four hours to complete while providing permanent results in the process. However, there are additional benefits including the following:

  • More cost-effective than a hair transplantation procedure (usually costs 1/3 what a transplant procedure does)
  • No risk of infection from incisions, no need for medications, and no waiting for grafts to grow in and mature
  • Quicker healing time of 2 to 4 days means that you are able to return to your normal daily activities, responsibilities, and tasks

More importantly, you can restore the color by updating the process, regardless of your previous hair color. Additionally, colors can be altered based on the individual patient’s needs and requirements.

The Disadvantages of SMP

Naturally, you cannot discuss the benefits of the SMP process without considering the disadvantages. It’s important to remember that this is scalp tattooing. So it will be prone to those problems that are commonly associated with getting tattooed. As an example, your results will vary based on the experience and skill level of the artist and the quality of materials that he or she uses.

Since the skin of your scalp is much more tender than other areas of the body, only cosmetic-grade inks can be applied. Over time, your results will be affected by the natural aging process. Discoloration and fading are also common as your body ages. However, the most worrisome issue of SMP is infection.